This is the most important thing I've ever done in my life. This is Project Prayer Box, where I'm offering to deliver the prayers of the world to a hidden Prayer Box, which started on a mountaintop in Los Angeles, and is now in the heart of Texas on a trail near downtown Houston. The purpose of Project Prayer Box is to deliver hope to those who need it by delivering prayers to a box. The goal is to uplift, encourage, and unite various causes, faiths, and individuals. Project Prayer Box is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Continue reading for the story of how this project began, and how it continues to inspire.






Chapter one of this story begins inJune of 2013, when I moved across the country from Texas to Los Angeles in order to pursue my music career. But about a month after the big move, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. 




The devastating news was made even worse by the fact that I had just moved 1,500 miles away from home. However, one day while hiking on a mountain trail near my new apartment, I came up with an idea that changed everything.


I decided that I would make a 'Prayer Box', hide it somewhere on top of the mountain, write out prayers for my mom each morning, and then hike them up to the box and put them inside. Something about doing this made me feel like I was helping in some way, even though I was so far away from home. It felt like I was symbolically and quite literally lifting my mom up in prayer by hiking prayers up to the highest point I could climb. I remember saying to my friend, "It's weird, but I feel like God can hear me better up there." So I made the box, wrote my first prayer, and hiked it up the mountain.

On my first hike, I was told about a tree that was the only tree on the mountain that survived a wildfire several years ago. I named it The Survival Tree, and I hid the Prayer Box in its shadow.

After a month or so of hiding my own prayers, I decided to invite friends and family to join me in this effort. They began mailing me prayers for my mom, and I started hiding those in the Prayer Box as well.

My mom successfully completed her chemotherapy shortly before Christmas, so I compiled all of the prayers and the pictures I had taken into a book entitled "Prayers for Mom" that I gave my mom on Christmas morning.


The hope, encouragement, and love that this experience has brought forth in my life is something that I couldn't stand to let fade. So I hid a new box on top of the same mountain, and I set up this website to receive your prayers and hike them up.

Not only did I hike prayers up to the L.A. box over 200 times, but Project Prayer Box has since hosted several Group Hikes in Austin, Houston, Nashville, Los Angeles, and Galveston.


That brings us to the current chapter. I have moved back to my home state of Texas, and am excited to continue the journey God has led me on by setting up a brand new box here, on a path near downtown Houston. I can't wait to once again experience the hope and healing that prayer can bring and to begin the adventure with this brand new prayer box! SEND ME YOUR PRAYERS.

By opening up the Prayer Box journey to the world, I aim to provide hope to those who need it most.  I invite you to be a part of this with me, and to help me spread the word!  Send me your prayers, worries, or wishes for yourself, your family, your neighbor, or anyone and anything you               want. You can also tweet your prayer @projprayerbox using #projectprayerbox. 

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Project Prayer Box is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.